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The Brand of YOU

The Perfect Packaging for


Your wardrobe should be your partner in building your personal brand.


Your image should always reflect your authentic style, not be hostage to what designers want to sell that season.


My mission has always been to help women succeed and lead – to bring out their best - not simply to sell clothes.


Custom and made-to-measure clothing gives you the unique ability to choose whatever you want, on your schedule, in your perfect fit.  


Most importantly, custom clothing is the best way to build your personal brand.

Maintain your signature style

Some of our clients find a style that’s uniquely them and come back to it every season in different fabrics.


Others may vary styles, but maintain the intrinsic mark of a custom shoulder, distinctive fit, and luxury fabrics to hone the message of who they are and their level of accomplishment.

Changing your “packaging” every other day, or every season, just to keep up with fashion industry’s dictates, is not just hard on your wallet, it makes it hard for everyone, internally and externally, to know who you are, and what you stand for.

Trust Pays Dividends

A consistent image lets others know they can rely on you and trust you.


This trust brings dividends when senior management is deciding who should be in a crucial meeting,

who should inherit an important client relationship.


If you aspire to a long-term career at your firm,

be sure your image, while authentic to you, also aligns with the DNA of the firm.


Your 15 Seconds of Fame


If you think you’re invisible to senior management, think again.

The less face time you have, the more important your image is.

Great brands use this principle wisely in 15 second spots.

Your Iconic

DARA Wardrobe

Your business wardrobe should convey your intelligence, professionalism, dependability, and, above all, that you’re smart enough to recognize why it pays to present a consistent image.


DARA Made-to-Measure lets you choose a business wardrobe beautifully made, impeccably appropriate,

and authentic to who you are.

You’ll never again worry about

being dressed correctly.


When your boss---or anyone in senior management---looks at you, any day of the week, they see a consistent, professional, polished appearance when your wardrobe is Made-to-Measure by Dara Lamb.

When you choose the right clothes to begin with, business dressing is easy.

And great looking.

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