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In a vast cityscape,

nothing differentiates you like a custom wardrobe

to express your individuality

while feeling fabulous and confident

in every situation.


We Believe

You deserve an investment quality wardrobe

that wears beautifully

season after season,

saves you time and money

in the long run, and

projects a consistent and

winning personal brand.


hand-finished construction by master tailors

your choice of fine European wovens

in every color of the rainbow,

plus elegant bouclés, silks, linens, and

other naturally beautiful qualities.

You deserve the finest worksmanship


helping you achieve career or lifestyle goals.

A consistent image lets others know they can rely on you and trust you.

This trust brings dividends when senior management is deciding who should be in a crucial meeting,

or inherit an important client relationship.​

Your wardrobe should be your partner


You deserve the finest fabrics

Our high quality wools, linens, cottons, cashmeres and

other natural fiber blends are chosen with a longer,

stronger fiber, then woven with techniques to
make many of our fabrics wrinkle and wear resistant.

Ready to invest in yourself?
We're here to help.

Women's Made-to-Measure


What is

"When wearing the right clothing changed my life and helped me succeed, 

I founded my company to help other women do the same."

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