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Come in. Be Amazed. Get Dressed.

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We have two collections


Hand-crafted from start to finish


Whether one special garment or

an entire wardrobe, we bring you couture dressing at its finest from day to evening and even the most special occasions.

Our extensive selection of styles

and the world’s finest luxury

fabrics make for an almost limitless selection whose every detail

may be customized to your taste.

Your custom pattern is hand-made, hand sewn, and meticulously adjusted to insure a flawless fit.



High tech meets high performance

for tremendous value.

We start with your nearest size

and make computer assisted adjustments for a fabulous fit.

Choose from many styles of

jackets, dresses, pants, dressy

tops in top-of-the-line Italian

and English wovens.

Make it your own with your

choice of pocket, collar, sleeve

and hem lengths and

trim treatments.

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