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How to Build a Wardrobe

To support your personal brand

Step One

Cornerstones: Build on the Basics

Three-season wool suits are your best, first investment for the office.

Lightweight, supple yet durable, they perform beautifully for at least ten months and many clients wear them year-round.

Begin with classic neutrals:

Black, Charcoal Gray, Taupe or Khaki, Navy.


With just a few interchangeable pieces, you’ll create

multiple looks for day and evening.​

Switch to drop earrings

swap your jacket for a beautiful scarf

and the black sheath dress

that made your jacket a suit is

now ready for cocktails.

Step Two

Novelties and Drama

Bouclés and other novelty weaves

add color, flair and show confidence.

Look for black, charcoal or a neutral yarn

in the weave and pair them with solid pants and dresses

(we have a dozen dress styles).


Novelties dress up or down. 

Pair them with a tee shirt over jeans 

for casual offices or Friday.

Lay on the pearls and they’ll take you from

a morning meeting through after dinner drinks.

Step Three

Underpinnings and Essentials

We believe you should never get bored with your wardrobe.

That’s why we created the perfect blouse, shirt or knit jersey

to spice up your solids and

bring out different colors in your novelties.

We offer 60 shades of the most luxurious silk jersey

in your choice of

7 different necklines and 4 different sleeve lengths.

 If that weren’t enough...

over ninety-five colors in six different qualities of silk and silk prints give you endless ways to vary your “canvas” in the blouse style and sleeve length you prefer.  

...choose from

And… finally, who doesn’t want the perfect white cotton shirt?

Step Four

Finishing Touches

Often invitations come at the last minute.

A seat opens up and you have the opportunity to “take your (rightful) place at the table”.

We want you to be ready for every opportunity!

Our Flash Jackets---over a dress or pant---make an instant statement for a last-minute gala,

an impromptu night on the town or special client dinner.

Even a date!

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