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"Your wardrobe sends a message

before you open your mouth."


Set the Stage

Your wardrobe can set the stage

for the influence you want in any situation,

whether your audience is two or two hundred.

So invest for the long term.


Your DARA Made-to-Measure clothes are so well-made, they wear beautifully, season after season.

That is true investment dressing.

But reliability is only part of the value.

Save Up

You save time.

No more running from store to store, hoping to find something that fits---and fits your needs. 

That means you have more time to spend with friends and family.


You save money. 

The difference between an off the rack, made for the “average woman” suit and our DARA made-to-measure suit for women, can be a little as $1000.


Why forgo 10 fancy dinners out?

Or two pairs of shoes?

Pinstripe Dress Suit
Plaid Skirt Suit

Because you’ve never been average.

And neither is DARA.

We use only the finest fabrics and craftsmanship so your DARA garments will look beautiful for years to come.


Yes, you can force a less well made garment to “last another season”.


But what message does that send?

You’re bringing fresh ideas to the party.

DARA makes sure your wardrobe looks just as fresh.

You’re high performance. So is DARA.

Our high-performance fabrics bounce back (just like you) on long business trips and require less dry cleaning.


All of this adds up to a

"cost per wearing” of about $5.

Call it coffee.

Aren’t you worth it? We think so.

Relax...No Worries

Metaphysical Comfort

Finally, there is what we call the “metaphysical comfort” of knowing

you have a complete clothing solution you can count on season after season.


You can stop worrying.

You can feel secure knowing you have a tailor

who is ready to make whatever clothing you want, whenever you want it.


You can relax.


You look wonderful, your clothing feels wonderful.

The fit is noticeable and fabulous – made specifically for you, not for an anonymous fitting model.

How much does that improve your concentration and performance?

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