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What is

Your choice of style. Your choice of fabric.  

Made exactly as you want.

Nothing could be simpler.

Step 1

Getting to know you:

Style and Fabric Selection

Our clients will tell you the made-to-measure process is consultative and collaborative.

Make an appointment, settle in with

a cup of tea or glass of wine,

and we’ll get to know each other.


Have a look at our many beautiful

jacket, skirt, pant, and dress styles

while we talk about your life, your needs, your style.


Explore our hundreds of stunning, supple,

European milled fabrics.

Any style can be in any fabric.

Any combination of styles can be put together.

You can be as creative as you like,

or lean on our expert advice. Or both.

Our “strong suit” is helping you

establish and/or refine a style authentic to you.

Once we get to know you, we have an uncanny ability

to recommend just the perfect three season wool,

colorful and feminine boucle, or novelty woven

you’ve been dreaming of, and create it

in the most flattering style just for you.

Step 2

Sizing up the situation   

Our try-ons make it easy to find your

perfect fit and experience the distinctive

feel of our tailoring. 

Sizes 2 to 20 help us determine your starting size and learn how you like to wear your clothes. We find no two clients are alike in their preference, even if they have the same measurements.


 You'll begin by slipping into your nearest size.

Should your waist come in a bit?

Need just a tad in the bust?

What about the length?

Should it be longer? Shorter?

How do you like your sleeves?

We’ll address your posture to make sure

you and your garment stand

and move the same way.


Dara’s thirty year study of women’s posture and movement and proprietary technique of balancing the coat to you is what makes DARA the most comfortable garment you'll ever wear.

Step 3

Your pattern and fitting

We prepare your patterns to your

individual specs.


We'll call you in for a fitting and here is where the rest of the magic takes place.

Attaining your personalized fit is our passion.

We don’t cut corners or rush you.

Here is when you can give us subtle feedback.

Our attention to the final tweaking of the garment is what sets us apart and why we are known as the best in the industry.


The best part: This fine tweaking is also done to your patterns.

Once we have your patterns on file, getting ready for the next season can be as easy as emailing us!

three lengths_edited.jpg

Choose the jacket length that's best for you

Same suit:  Three jacket lengths  

Wear it your way---the way it looks best on you---

only from

DARA Made-to-Measure

Sometimes you see a jacket you like in a fabric you like but

when you try it on the length is wrong. Too short---or perhaps too long?

With Dara, your jacket is made to be the length you want—short, medium or long.

It’s another way Dara made-to-measure makes it easy for you to look your best.


And pants, skirts, dresses---all are made to your measurements for the finest fit you’ve ever had.

You're one of a kind.

Don't settle for a mass market garment produced for "the crowd".

You're consummate professional.

Your wardrobe should be as accomplished, distinctive, and unique as you are.

womens custom clothing

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