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True Story

-A veteran client, Linda K., called to introduce us to a friend and shared this anecdote:


"A young colleague admired the suit I was wearing and hesitantly asked the price..

When I told her she said, 'That's twice as much as mine cost. Do you think it's worth the extra money?'


"I asked her how long her suits usually lasted. She said, 'I might get two seasons -then they just go limp.'

"You can imagine her surprise when I told her how old my suit was---the one she admired so much."


Linda K. bought her classic wool black/white mini houndstooth suit from our first store in 1995.

Seam Allowance

Seam Allowances

Our Dara quality ensures you'll enjoy your Dara Made-to-Measure wardrobe for years to come.


Things happen.


All garments have generous seam allowances to accommodate any changes in your weight or workout routine.


Jackets and dresses have 2.5 to 3” of allowance, skirts, and pants about 2”.

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