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In a vast cityscape, nothing differentiates you like a custom wardrobe

 Your wardrobe should

be as brilliant as you are

Fabrics, make, and style should reflect

your intelligence, competence, and creativity.


We Believe

You deserve the same level of quality

and service men are traditionally offered

in Custom and Made-to-Measure clothing.


You deserve the finest workmanship

hand-finished construction by master tailors

your choice of fine European wovens

in every color of the rainbow,

plus elegant bouclés, silks, linens, and

other naturally beautiful qualities.


You deserve an investment quality wardrobe 

that wears beautifully season after season,

saves you time and money in the long run, and

projects a consistent and winning personal brand.


You deserve a customized fit

so flattering it speaks for itself,

is astonishingly comfortable,

and relieves you of having to experiment with

different brands to find something that works

for your specific body.


Your wardrobe should be your partner

in achieving career or lifestyle goals


Your wardrobe should be as brilliant as you are

The make, fabrics and style should reflect

your intelligence, competence, and creativity.


We've seen how wearing our DARA Collection

helps women succeed, bolsters self-confidence,

helps women be at their best in any situation,

and encourages and supports high-performance.


We invite you to be part of our

circle of women leading the way.

Women's Made-to-Measure


What is

When I realized how wearing the right clothing could create positive change, 

I founded my company to do this for other women.

Dara Quality



Luxury Fabrics

Luxury Fabrics

Artisan Crafted

Artisan Crafted

How to Build a Wardrobe

To support your personal brand

Personal Branding

The Brand of YOU

The Perfect Packaging for

Our Private Atelier

A private adventure into Made-to-Measure


Our Story




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