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Can a custom wardrobe change your life?

Yes, it can.

We understand time is your most important commodity.

We understand how hard you work to give your clients, your family,

your friends, what they need at the best level possible.

We think it’s time for you to take a little time for yourself,

to celebrate your accomplishments,

to address your own needs.


We make it surprisingly quick and easy

for you to look as brilliant as you are and

feel even more confident in any situation.

You’ve likely seen how custom gives men

the ability to show great style and individuality,

insist on the finest quality,

and enjoy an impeccable fit no matter their size or stature.

It's your turn.

We have two collections

High tech meets high performance

for tremendous value.

We start with your nearest size

and make computer assisted adjustments for a fabulous fit.

Choose from many styles of

jackets, dresses, pants, dressy

tops in top-of-the-line Italian

and English wovens.

Make it your own with your

choice of pocket, collar, sleeve

and hem lengths and

trim treatments.


Hand-crafted from start to finish


Whether one special garment or

an entire wardrobe, we bring you couture dressing at its finest from day to evening and even the most special occasions.

Our extensive selection of styles

and the world’s finest luxury

fabrics make for an almost limitless selection whose every detail

may be customized to your taste.

Your custom pattern is hand-made, hand sewn, and meticulously adjusted to insure a flawless fit.

Don't wait any longer

Get your beautiful custom wardrobe started today 




or call us


to look at our many, many styles and fabrics,

and have a cup of tea, or a glass of wine.

(You might even meet our terrier, Sophie)

What Our Clients Say

Dara emailed me for about a year but I never went in in all that time . Why? Because something else always came first. My husband, my children, work.


Finally, I did go in and the whole process was so much fun and so fast I felt silly to have put it off. It’s simplified my life unbelievably.


-Margaret, Senior Partner

One of the best things about Dara’s clothes is that they wear beautifully, year after year. They’re truly a great investment. And, there’s a lot of peace of mind in knowing I don’t have to reinvent my closet every season.

I just add new knits or blouses or scarves and voila!


A new look!


-Shelley, Ad agency president

I had never tried custom. Thought it was just for men. But then last fall I found myself in the 4th store looking for a suit that looked like a senior partner and gave up and went over to Dara. Now I never go anywhere else.


Until you’ve tried her suits and dresses on, you cannot comprehend the comfort and how great they look.

-Susan, Managing Partner

Several years ago, I invested $10,000 in Dara’s clothes. That was a big chunk of change for me then. In retrospect, I can say for certain that the clothes---the way they looked and the way they made me feel---played a huge role in my making partner so fast.

-Catherine, Managing Partner​

I am not a difficult fit but I couldn’t find clothes that looked and felt right in any stores. They also weren’t the quality I needed for the office. Dara’s clothes are so beautifully made and the fabrics are so gorgeous. And I can get something totally unique however and whenever I want. There is no comparison.

-Eileen, Senior Tax Counsel

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